Mt. Rose is the answer


Mt. Rose

In Brief

Mt. Rose Ski Resort, a tried and true gem of the Tahoe ski scene since its origins in 1930, was looking to present a modern, cohesive regional brand across multiple channels and mediums. Mt. Rose hired Weld due to the agency’s years of experience creating successful campaigns in the outdoor brand market using creative solutions in both print and digital media.

Working with Mike Pierce, Mt. Rose’s marketing director, Weld established messaging points for key market segments. Next Weld developed a comprehensive branding initiative that would span multiple channels and mediums to achieve the best penetration in the regional Tahoe-Reno market.

The theme Weld came up with for this effort was “Do the Math.” This theme allowed Weld to delve into the numbers that create a compelling image of Mt. Rose, from the mountain’s elevation to drive times to cost.

No Holding Back

Digital Ads
Part of being everywhere potential visitors might be, Weld positioned Mt. Rose across a wide range of digital channels including mobile, online radio banner ads, Facebook, search and display, digital billboards and more.

Outdoor Advertising
The plan here was to create a constant presences in main travel areas in the Reno-Tahoe area, namely highway corridors and the airport. The challenge here was to convey key message points quickly and effectively in a fast paced environment.

Print Ads
Weld targeted local weekly and daily print outlets in both the Tahoe and Reno markets for strategic ads targeting those most likely to be receptive to campaign messaging. In addition, Weld included a mailer in the mix that was targeted toward previous Mt. Rose visitors and a three panel brochure to be located at local travel and visitor centers as well as on site at Mt. Rose.

Everyone Gets In On The Fun

The "Do the Math" campaign also spilled over into Mt. Rose's merchandise line, splashing big, bold declarations on t-shirts that helped round out the effort. Allowing visitors to join in on the fun, helped build a stronger connection to the brand and reinforce the attributes that make Mt. Rose a unique ski destination.

Doing The Math

This regional marketing initiative marked the first time Mt. Rose enjoyed a season of sustained, cohesive regional marketing campaign.

According to Mike Pierce, “Instead of wondering what we should do next, I could count on Mt. Rose being well represented in the region with bold, beautiful ads that clearly convey what makes Mt. Rose stand apart from the other resorts in the area.

“Every time I see one of our ads in the wild, it gives me peace of mind knowing that we’re highly visible. Weld’s ability to not only see the big picture, but also to execute a marketing effort with so many pieces has been a huge help for Mt. Rose.”