Flying ...
it's the new driving


Fly Blackbird

In Brief

There are many perks when it comes to relocating to Lake Tahoe: The lake, the snow, the small town vibe. But as many of the recent transplants have found, the commute back to the bay area was just a bit too long. Enter Fly Blackbird - a relatively affordable option for charter flights in and out of town. We were brought on board to help Fly Blackbird come up with a brand as smooth as their promise: real-time booking without membership fees.

Getting the company prepared for take off (sorry, but you knew there would be at least one pun)

With growing interest, the folks over at Blackbird were eager to get a real brand together, along with a full set of brand guidelines and messaging that would help them speak to a variety of customers. Business owners, entrepreneurs, families, all had something to gain when they booked with Blackbird - time. The service turned a multi-hour commute into a relative hop-skip-and a jump, all offered at a low price and no membership fees. The end result was a brand that communicated the high-end nature of the service without feeling standoffish or cold. Who would have thought there was an affordable way to charter a plane?!