Do Kids Care
About A Brand?



In Brief

iStoryTime is one the largest digital databases of children's stories and games for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. There are literally thousands of ways this app can be a better parent than most of us. But with thousands of stories and games came thousands of thumbnails and images and noises, all which were fighting for their own space in the app. In other words, once users entered the app, it was all out visual warfare, creating a user experience hindered by the lack of any brand cohesion. When iStoryTime approached us, they needed a brand system that would still allow each offering to be unique but would connect the user to a bigger brand picture.

Everyone gets a stage

By defining design standards and working directly with story owners (like Dreamworks and Disney), we were able to create an environment the presented the games and stories in a clean, concise way. Everything could still be different enough to feel unique while complementing the iStoryTime brand. The end result was a dramatic uptick in usage within the app and a brand that could stand on its own two feet.