Can You Change History?
We Did.


Sugar Bowl Ski Resort

In Brief

One of the oldest ski resorts in California, Sugar Bowl has a storied past with ties to Austrian ski culture, Hollywood and Walt Disney. But putting too much emphasis on history might make one forget that they are also one of the premier destinations for Sierra Nevada skiing. Sugarbowl approached asked for our help remaking their image into something new and fresh while highlighting the thousands of acres and quality conditions they so regularly enjoy.

A New Direction

Sugarbowl already had so many positives going for them, it was our job to simply start connecting the dots. We lead a team of creatives and developers as we designed new brand standards, updated the website, created new marketing assets, and drove the overall creative direction for the resort.

Here's To Another 70 years

Sugarbowl has been offering a world-class ski experience for decades. But the new focus on digital has helped them stand out and reach further. We're excited about what we've been able to help them achieve and are stoked to keep things moving forward into the future.