Connecting Artists



In Brief

The thing that makes many artists unique is their ability to zone out the rest of the world and dive deep into their work. The only problem with that? Zoning out the rest of the world can put a real damper and the artist's ability to share their work, connect with others and get noticed. Our task with ArtQ was to create a social space for artists to share their work, collaborate with one another and help them connect with the world.

If it doesn't work on mobile, it doesn't work at all

Everyone knows that when it comes to online usage, mobile is king. Our research for this project found that to more evident than ever as artists regularly told us that their phones were their primary tool for sharing their work. With that in mind, we approached the UI/UX with a mobile-first mentality. Uploading images, creating profiles, sharing content - all of it needed to be something someone could do with one hand holding a phone. The end result was a space for artists, by artists. Check it out - you might even find a few of our own designers in there.