How Do You Make
Epic More Epic?


TMBR - Grand Targhee

In Brief

Grand Targhee is one of those resorts that bring in people from all over the world for its incredible snow, rugged terrain, and year-round amenities. They've been doing it for years. So when they want something new, what can you really bring to the table? Well, that's the question we were asked to help answer, along with our friends over at TMBR Creative Agency.

Just speak the truth

Grand Targhee is surrounded by iconic landscapes and small towns that embody what it means to live it out west. So the approach was to just tell it how it is: We've Got Grand Plan To Never Change. That became the rallying cry of a campaign designed to reinforce the message that Grand Targhee wasn't about to get caught up the rat race of change. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, Targhee has something great and aren't about to go mess with it.