Amazing Weekends,
There's An API
For That



In Brief

Bandwango is an SLC based marketing technology company rapidly disrupting travel and tourism. They are changing the way destination's attract, engage and transact with travelers and locals alike. Bandwango is the "universal API for all things to do" and it allows cities and destinations to packages multiple activities and attraction admissions into digital passports that are delivered via text to their visitor's phones. These digital passports consolidate all purchased tickets and products into a single richly branded experience that looks and feels (smells?) like a native app yet requires absolutely no downloading of anything to start having fun. The platform's instant delivery component and ability to integrate—and sometimes circumvent—any ticketing POS has lead to its swift adoption by cities big and small throughout the US.

Same Office. Same Mindset.

Bandwango and Weld are sister companies sharing the very same executive leadership, business philosophy and commitment to realizing the best for our clients. We work hand in hand developing the core product UI, UX schema and marketing systems that maximize the platform's ability to drive visitor days and revenue for the destinations we serve.

An Entirely New Way

As Bandwango has become a proven and preferred platform that consistently drives business growth and revenue, our destination partners have challenged us to accelerate our integration schedule so they can use the platform across an ever-widening range of use cases. In 2017, we've swiftly integrated with a spectrum of POS systems. Their disparate technologies and distinct functional requirements have driven us to create a remarkably flexible and extensible UI kit. This Destination Experience Engine (DXE) is on course to quadruple its network of system integrations by the end of 2018.