Our partners at Bandwango are aiming to revolutionize travel experience by providing a one-stop mobile destination for the best deals on attractions and special events. Weld has partnered with Bandwango from the start, helping to develop the strategy, the brand identity, the design of the user experience and the backend functionality to enable the cloud-based platform. In just one year, Bandwango has already partnered with some of the country’s most visited destinations.

Scalable Platform

Weld developed a visual language and backend technology that
allows visitor organizations of any size to create, organize and manage
custom digital destination passes.

Mo Parikh, Founder & CEO

“The folks at Weld are true visionaries in taking a concept through all of the stages of development leading to a commercial product. They get it. They can speak the language and truly understand what their customers need. Their diverse expertise in design, content, social media and technology provides a toolbox that any company can use to reach their goal.”

Real-Time Analytics

Direct communication and a robust data capture component allows Bandwango users to receive relevant targeted deals and allows Bandwango clients to gain valuable insight into visitor behavior and consumption trends.

Making the Connection

Weld has led development of digital content, including online advertising and web development as well the strategic positioning and messaging prevalent throughout all Bandwango communications.

Bandwango Services

  • Technical Planning
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Front and Backend Coding
  • Mobile Development
  • CMS Development