Our agency IS only as strong as our people

At Weld, we’re not afraid of challenges. We look forward to them.

Our personal experiences and interests help define our company values and offerings. We’re rooted in sports and lifestyle categories but have worked across many industries. Along the way, our culture and process have always allowed us to integrate quickly with our partners’ teams, so we can get to the work of building relationships with their audiences.

George Rogers

Managing Partner

Staying at the forefront of digital design and analytical creativity isn’t an easy feat, but George’s brand-focused, strategy-driven, and digital-forward vision is what pushes Weld to be continuously innovative, aggressive, and quick thinking. His belief in and commitment to Weld’s culture and client service guides everything we do, and his drive for success ensures that Weld stays lean, nimble, and capable of reacting instantaneously to projects, problems, and opportunities.

01Dog Math

Has two dogs with seven total legs

02Pin It

Medal-winning MX racer

03Paddling Past

Was a whitewater kayaker in a previous life

Brandon Holmes

Managing Partner

Multi-faceted creativity requires consistent and ambitious leadership, and Brandon is one half of the team that ensures Weld stays on the cutting edge of brand strategy, measureable design, and adventurous storytelling. He believes fresh ideas need to be unified by practical knowledge and consistent technique, and his commitment to creating human connections guides Weld’s digital strategy. Outside the office, Brandon enjoys getting barrelled in cold Oregon coast waves, sometimes with his cat hanging ten, and picking fights with aggressive sea lions.

01Harbor Arbor

Digs coastal old-growth forests in a big way

02Blowhole Barrels

Has surfed with gray whales

03Kindred Spirits

Favorite animal is a naked mole rat

Logan Clifford

Director of Marketing Ops

We’re better at branding and creative work than most digital shops and better at digital than most creative firms, but it takes someone like Logan to bring projects in the door, get them in the right hands, and ensure they’re delivered on time. His ability to understand digital needs, forge relationships, and communicate strategy are essential to Weld’s problem-solving approach, and his passion for jeans that are almost too tight is matched only by his love for his family and Real Salt Lake (he may have taken Nat Borchers out to lunch once). Currently, he’s over at his desk trying to discover how many gummy bears he can put down in a single day.

01Bleep Bloop

Will go to robot movies just to hear robot noises


Speaks fluent Tagalog and knows what country it comes from

03Go Team

Youngest ever to complete a 24-hour mountain bike race (he was 11)

Mike Daniel


We pride ourselves on strategic problem solving, but the best solutions can’t rely solely on functionality; they have to look good and feel natural. Developing interactive and beautiful front-end concepts is Mike’s specialty, and his appetite for interactive UI design, mobile fabrication, and striking visuals gives our team large-scale creative versatility across multiple platforms. When he’s not raising the creative bar, Mike’s probably shredding somewhere around Lake Tahoe or diving deep into a secret project that you can’t mention to anyone, ever, or else.

01Battle Wounds

Has received 278 stitches (running tally)

02Giving Back

Founded non-profit that provides riding experiences to people touched by cancer

03The Right Way

Rides goofy

Jonathan Danz

Digital Advertising Director

Integrating a project’s myriad variables into something functional, beautiful, and creative demands energy and strategy, but Jonathan’s capacity for managing a dynamic range of work is key to Weld’s ability to deliver large-firm quality and small-shop flexibility. His blend of expertise and common sense has guided site development and marketing projects, but it’s his skill at the grill, dedication to his family, and semi-official status as the best learned-in-his-40s mountain biker in West Virginia that really make him a legend in our eyes.

01Poddy Mouth

Narrator of multiple podcasts

02A Literary Man

Currently writing two novels


Devoted follower of the beautiful game

Andy Gersberg

Lead Developer

Linking creative inspiration, project goals, and technical design ability is no mean feat, but Andy’s ability to manage details while keeping the essence of a job in mind is the cornerstone of Weld’s web development capabilities. Andy’s created numerous innovative, fresh, and adaptable platforms, with a dedication to mobile readiness and a desire to create systems that are as easy to use and measure as they are enjoyable to look at. He collaborates extensively with his two British Shorthair cats, loves Argentinian wine and BBQ, and once piloted a sailboat solo, through a storm, as a three year old (rumor has it he staged a mutiny first).

01Just Peachy

Grew up on a peach farm

02Gator aid

Had an alligator as a “pet”

03Room For One More?

Spent six months hitchhiking across South America

Joseph Peterson

Content Director

Analytical design is only as good as the story that backs it up, and Joseph is the man who connects strategy, branding, and content, making sure the yarns we spin reflect the clients we work with and the branded experiences we create are meaningful and authentic. He’s about honesty and functionality and isn’t one to reflexively value form over function, although he is inexplicably fond of Disneyland. We forgive him, though, because he has enough taste left over to appreciate Dutch rock music, dusty western road trips, and all of the finest cheeses.


Been retweeted by the president

02Where's The Coral?

Capitol Reef made him cry

03Capitol Thrill

Stole a cork board from Congress

Alex Blackmer

Senior Writer

Brand communication is all about storytelling, and Alex weaves the narratives that represent our clients in ways that are compelling, meaningful, and original; it’s up to him to articulate the values and culture of a brand, define the voice of a campaign, and connect clients with their audiences. He’s been stalked by a mountain lion, gotten into altercations with marmots, and had his breakfast eaten by a mountain goat, but the thing that really upsets him is jigsaw puzzles. Keep your puzzles to yourself.

01Pirate Life

Spent six months wearing an eyepatch

02Driven to succeed

Failed his driver’s test twice

03Grizzly Man

Caught a salmon with his bare hands

Annalisa Millo

Graphic Designer

Making something look effortless takes real effort, so Annalisa puts in serious work creating attractive, modern, and head-turning content across digital, print, and photographic platforms. Her unique aesthetic, combined with her ability to balance form and function, is a vital part of Weld’s small-firm-with-big-capabilities dynamic, and her penchant for saving people and dogs from burning buildings makes us feel safe every day (true story). Annalisa never owned dolls as a kid, but she did nail her sister’s Barbies to a log once, which is just about the same thing.

01Put A Bird On It

Followed by Portlandia on Twitter

02Global Citizen

Naturalized citizen of the Republic of Zaqistan

03Can I Pet It?

Stung by a jellyfish (wasn’t allowed to pee on it)

Dillon Green

Account Manager

Weld’s size helps us stay nimble and adaptable, but it also demands people like Dillon who can keep multiple projects in the air and their feet on the ground. He brings creativity, analytical savvy, and hunger to everything he touches–email marketing, social media, web design, coding, photography–giving Weld unique adaptability and flexibility. Dillon also keeps the office humble by reminding everyone that his time on the Freeride World Tour means he’s radder than us, and sometimes threatens to play a little jazz clarinet if the office tunes aren’t to his liking.

01Just Wrenchin'

Certified bike mechanic


Won his third grade spelling bee

03Montana to Mexico

Motorcycled 1,000 miles in 24 hours to earn “Leather Ass” patch