For a brand like Nike, being the first to market with new ideas is more than just best practice – it’s the expectation. So in order to make sure the company is constantly ahead of the curve it decided to implement an open forum with major brand influencers, hosting a conversation about what’s hot and what new ideas they could bring to the table. This internal communications tool would act as the biggest bridge between those developing new products within Nike and those who would ultimately represent those products in the market.

Lead the Discussion

With a litany of major names and athletes associated with Nike, the goal was to design and develop an environment where influencers could share ideas, post pictures and products, and talk about the role Nike plays in their lives. The forum was broken into two parts: An open platform where users could share whatever they wanted relevant to style and the brand; and a topics section where users were given Nike-driven tasks to complete.

A Global Campaign

After designing and developing the platform, the program was launched in the six largest style capitals across the globe.

Following the launch, Nike revealed their latest line and asked influencers to start talking about the product. The ultimate goal of SportswearNET was to stay true to the ethos of the platform and listen to genuine feedback that could influence future product design.

Nike Services

  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • User Experience Design
  • Web Applications - Front and Backend Coding