As one of the most iconic and storied organizations in American history, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has been a staple of communities and played an important role in countless lives for more than 105 years. But with increased competition for current and future Scouts’ attention, BSA embarked on an ambitious plan to modernize the tools and methods for communication with and among former, current and prospective Scouts. The team at BSA reached out to Weld more than four years ago to help lead the charge and usher in a new digital age for the organization. Over the course of our partnership, we’ve worked daily with a variety of teams both nationally and regionally to implement new digital strategies for the organization, craft comprehensive communication plans and overhaul the visual design and user experience of both national and local digital destinations. With a localized and personalized approach, our audiences are varied, and the strategy is ambitious.

From exploring innovative approaches and delivery methods for Scouting activities and badging systems to creating new communication hubs for parents, scout leaders and scouts to receive information and communicate with each other, our focus is always on enabling a positive experience for the Scout and his family and creating greater opportunities for involvement and engagement.

Digital Brand Identity

To unify the visual language of all digital properties of the brand, we developed a comprehensive digital identity system and implementation guidelines document that provides proper guidance for implementation by partners internally and externally.

Deron Smith, Director of Communications

“Weld is much more than a digital agency, they are a communications partner who challenges us to re-imagine how we tell our story. Whether it’s helping us dive headfirst into branded content with the creation of digital sites, the production of great content and visual assets or developing a social strategy, Weld has been instrumental in changing both our communications culture and landscape. The results of their work are nothing short of providing us a way to tell and amplify our story and an informed workforce.”

Digital Tools and Communication Hubs

Leveraging the brand design strategy and visual language we’ve developed, the Weld team has designed and developed a number of key digital destinations. allows the Boy Scouts of America team to communicate with all employees and volunteers across the country, keeping them updated on vital information about programs, news and other content that makes the scouting experience so valuable. Within the first week of its launch, the site amassed 100,000 unique visits.

Access to information and assets is vital to the scouting experience. The Weld team helped BSA marketing by creating a Marketing and Membership Hub that allowed employees and volunteers easy access to digital and other resources to use in branded communication at various levels. With new resources regularly being updated, the hub is a constant source of support to the organization.

Ryan Hill, Digital Strategist

“The thought leadership Weld brings to the table is unlike anything I’ve seen from any agency before. We don’t sit down with Weld without them bringing a new idea to the table, and that’s refreshing.”

BSA Services

  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • User Experience Design
  • Social Campaigns
  • Web Applications - Front and Backend Coding